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Are you feeling worried, fearful or overwhelmed?
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Maybe you’ve recently experienced a great deal of stress, a breakup, or a divorce. Perhaps events in the past continue to fill your thoughts, making you wonder what you could have done differently and how you can move forward. It isn’t uncommon to feel “stuck in a rut” after ongoing stress or after experiencing a particularly stressful event. You may even feel completely paralyzed by fear and emotional pain and wish you could run away from it all.

Maybe your thoughts are racing, you feel anxious, and your spirit feels defeated and lost. You may doubt yourself and feel like you’re not good enough, or like something is wrong with you. You might wonder why you can’t “shake” this feeling and live the life you want.

You Are Not Alone.

Many people feel sad, worried, and unworthy of good things in their lives. Often, people turn to the distractions of our modern world to try to escape pain, but still feel a nagging sense of unhappiness. You are not alone. It can be easy to lose yourself, your goals, and your priorities when you get caught  up in the daily grind. You may find yourself repeating the same unhappy relationship or feeling miserable at work or disconnected from your friends or family. You may feel like things will never change, or that you lack the energy and motivation to even try. But, there is hope. I can help you find the energy to heal, as well as help you illuminate the blind spots that keep you stuck in these patterns.

There Is a Way to Calm Your Mind and Strengthen Your Spirit.

In order to find true healing from stress in your life, it’s important to take care of your whole self. I'm a believer in the mind-body-heart connection and use creative, holistic approaches to help you activate all of your natural resources to heal and find strength. Often, the stressful or traumatic experiences we have can lead to negative, limiting beliefs about others and the world. I can help you see these things through new, empowering perspectives, so that you can move forward in your life with confidence and joy.

You Deserve to Live a Life Worth Living!

I can help you reach within, identify what is lost, and focus on what you want, how to get there, and how to keep it in your life! Life is truly a journey. We are continuously transforming, growing, and expanding. I believe that by learning to listen to your intuition and implementing skills for fearless, courageous living, you can shape your life into a magnificent journey of abundance, healing, power, and love. It is my privilege to help illuminate your path on your journey.

Starting therapy might feel a little overwhelming at first. You may have questions or concerns….

I Feel Intimidated by Counseling

Many people worry that counseling will be invasive or too intense. As a therapist, I believe that people come to therapy for answers, not endless sessions of reflection. I offer a balance of being direct and focused, while also creating a nurturing, safe and protected space where you can feel accepted, guided, and courageous in facing your challenges.

I’ve Had a Bad Experience with a Therapist in the Past

Maybe you’ve even had a bad experience in therapy. You may have felt like it was unproductive, or you left feeling too vulnerable or exposed. It could have been a session with someone who seemed to just repeat your feelings back to you, not giving any concrete direction or therapeutic experiences that seemed productive. Your therapist may not have explored abuse, trauma, or deeper issues going on, making you feel that you never had a chance to truly heal. You simply may have not felt comfortable or connected to your therapist. I can help you feel safe and ready to move at a pace that feels comfortable to you. I offer a balance of direction and listening and provide a space for you to express and explore yourself. Also, remember that therapy can be highly effective when you “click” with your therapist. If you had a bad experience in the past, this is your opportunity to try again and find someone that fits for you.

Therapy Is Too Expensive and Time-Consuming

In our culture, we are often searching for a “quick fix” to make us feel better. We also have a belief that we should be able to fix our “problems” on our own, and not “admit” that we might need some help. When it comes to healing patterns that have developed over the years, there is often no quick fix. Therapy can take multiple sessions to help you see new perspectives, heal trauma, and improve relationships. Therapy can be a priceless, worthwhile investment in helping you find happiness today and in the future. Having a trained, objective therapist listen and guide you can help you find solutions that are effective and long-lasting.

This is your invitation to find healing, develop new perspectives, and a sense of peace in your life. I can help you get from where you are to where you want to be. It is time to invest in your well-being.

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